Product Strategy
Cybermedicals product strategy is to introduce a range of miniature wireless sensor devices, backed by a strong patent portfolio, addressing proven international market opportunities. The Company has already successfully integrated minature radio devices with physical sensors and is currently working on perfecting analogous devices using recognition polymer sensors. All of above examples can be realised but in some cases would require major development programs, which are not covered in this information brief. In either event it is considered best undertaken with the help of a strategic partner, preferably one that is already strategically associated within these market areas.

Manufacturing Strategy
Cybermedicals manufacturing strategy will reflect a business strategy that focuses on subcontracting most of the manufacturing activity associated with the volume production of its products to a number of strategic producers who have manufacturing capabilities and expertise. Producer relationships will be developed with those who are expert in producing the non-proprietary, commodity components of the devices, while the proprietary components will continue to be developed, protected and manufactured "in house" with closely controlled maintained processes. The Cybersensors partnering strategy with key producers is also particularly beneficial to the manufacturing function because it provides access to the most qualified manufacturers without reinvention.