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Implantable Glucose Monitoring System for Diabetics

Cybersensors Continuous Glucose Sensor - This is an entirely new approach to continuous glucose monitoring which is a significant improvement over existing methods. Typically the sensor device would be inserted just under the surface of the skin, by using a very simple, short surgical procedure involving a local anaesthetic. The sensor implant is malleable, about the size of an aspirin tablet and is designed once implanted to continuously measure blood glucose, without any user intervention. The sensor is passive (no batteries) yet can communicate wirelessly to a miniature hand-held reader. The reader is designed to be able to track the rate of change of glucose levels and warn the user of impending hypo or hyperglycemia. Furthermore the patient can arrange for it to alarm automatically whilst sleeping.


The target operational life of the glucose sensor implant is expected to be 12 months, after which it would be replaced. The sensor is self contained and can monitor blood glucose levels continuously or on demand. Unlike enzyme-based sensors, the characterized components are extremely stable. Any change in performance over time can be simply corrected by an external recalibration process wirelessly. This product can also be considered as a sensor component for an implantable artificial pancreas or drug delivery system.

Evidently diabetes patients and clinicians will perceive this system to be an improvement in glucose monitoring offering significant benefits over existing methods and improved patient health. One of its distinctive features is its form factor in that it is about the size of an aspirin, and comprises of a malleable outer housing containing the sensing technology.

Potential Component for Artificial Pancreas or Drug Delivery Systems.