This new approach allows diabetes sufferers to monitor their blood glucose levels continuously.

Cyber Medical, is a new and emerging company based in the UK, specializing in the design of sub-miniature wireless sensors for medical markets. Recent advances have led to a range of devices called Cybersensors TM which provide radically improved solutions to many topical problems in the fields of medicine and biochemical monitoring. One of these devices is a unique implantable glucose monitoring device for diabetics which can be implanted beneath the skin to continuously monitor blood glucose levels.

Provides a low cost, bloodless, patient friendly method to test glucose levels at any time.

This tiny glucose sensor device is about the size of an aspirin and is designed for continuous use and extended life. Once implanted under the skin, the sensor is able to continuously monitor blood glucose. This device can offer the user a completely bloodless, painless patient friendly method to check glucose levels at any time together with the capability of safeguarding against the dangers of diabetic coma. The sensor communicates wirelessly to a miniature hand held reader which processes the sensor signal and displays the user's current glucose value, as well as periodical trends.

Implantable Glucose Sensor

Clinical studies have shown that tight glucose control significantly improves long-term clinical outcomes by allowing users to:

  • Control their target glucose range.
  • Prevent and detect hypoglycemia (low sugar)
  • Avoid severe hyperglycemia (high sugar)
  • Adjust ongoing care in response to changes in life-style or diet.